Get better at leading yourself,
your team and your organisation!

Start date: 22 February 2024


with Ivana Bozicevic, PCC
Leadership Coach



Are you wondering where to start from in order to hone your leadership style, looking for good examples to follow?

Are you finding it difficult to manage conflict and complex situation with calm, insight and wisdom?

Are you full of energy and want to move forward as a leader but are not sure how to share your vision and excitement with your team?

Leadership has become quite the buzz word and sometimes it feels it takes a superhuman to call yourself a leader.
Navigating ever changing business environment, following global trends, engaging with your team and organisation, and at the same time developing professionally and personally, is quite a feat.
More often than not you may feel like not being at the top of your game, no matter how capable, intelligent, experienced and dedicated you are.
During the course, I will support you and lead you through the process of self-discovery which will help you remove your limiting beliefs, develop your leadership skills and build your confidence.
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You will learn how to:
  • hold multiple perspectives;
  • skillfully navigate conflict;
  • understand your power and impact on people;
  • engage all of your capabilities;
  • cultivate self-awareness, and
  • give and receive value in feedback.
This online course includes:
  • 7 interactive 70-minute session;
  • group sharing and engagement;
  • dedicated Q&A time at each session;
  • real life leadership examples;
  • practices that you can implement immediately, and
  • international learning environment.
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After this course, you will emerge a self-aware, centered leader, ready to navigate the challenging waters of leadership – courageously and mindfully. 

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Course program:
Seven 70-min live, online, interactive sessions
Date: 22 Feb – 4 Apr 2024

8am CET / 3pm AWST / 8pm NZT*

Please note that due to confidentiality reasons, the recordings of the sessions will not be available.
*The final session will be at 8am CET but 2pm AWST and 7pm NZT as Europe is moving to summer time.
Please ensure that all the timings of the sessions work for you.

Session 1: 22 Feb 2024
Discover Multiple Perspectives

In this session, you will discover why and how looking at multiple perspectives expands your view of the world, facilitates more ideas and gives you more options in decision making and people management.

Session 2: 29 Feb 2024
Stay Present During Conflict

During this session, you will learn to recognise and understand your conflict style and how to stay present through the difference in opinion.

Session 3: 7 Mar 2024
Your Power and Power Games

In this session, you will understand when power games are at play, their influence on your team and their limitations. You will also learn how to truly stand in your power.

Session 4: 14 Mar 2024
Slow Down To Be More Successful

You can immediately translate the learning from this session into big wins. You will learn to slow down which will help all of your capacities to engage, both in your professional and personal lives.

Session 5: 21 Mar 2024
Your Emotional and Intuitive Capacity

You are at your strongest when you engage your emotional and intuitive capacity, together with your cognitive abilities. All three are important in having meaningful interactions with your clients, teams, peers, communities etc.

Session 6: 28 Mar 2024
Hear and Give Value in Feedback

Some of you love feedback and some of you dread it. During this session, you will learn how to listen to feedback so it brings you value and how to give feedback so it benefits the person receiving it.

Session 7: 4 Apr 2024
Completion Session

This session gives you an opportunity to ask any remaining questions and covers topics that commonly arise during the course. We will also talk about how you can forward the action and deepen the learning from our journey together.

Are you ready to unlock your full leadership potential?

Here is more about me:
I am a Professional Certified Coach accredited by International Coaching Federation. With 15 years of corporate experience in top-tier companies like PwC, Colliers International, British Airport Authority and GTC, I have built my international career leading projects and teams in creating outstanding business results.
That diverse set of business and leadership experiences, today allows me to build trust and credibility quickly through my coaching process and help you elevate your presence and increase your impact by taking ownership of your interactions.
I am supporting leaders to become even better at what they are already great at. I work with leaders who care deeply about their teams, their organisations and their personal development. The kind and generous ones. The inclusive and curious ones. The ones that will open their hearts and try to understand others even when others don’t want to understand them. Are you one of them?
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Leadership Reflection 2
Having worked with so many people from so many backgrounds I know that the program we have put together for you here is world-class. Everyone, even the most prominent leaders, have unlocked potential. It is a sign of leadership growth that a person recognises that they have room to improve and actively seeks ways in which to do so.
‘Unlock Leadership Superpowers’ attracts people from around the world. I strongly believe that what you will discover about yourself during this course will make you not just a ‘super-powered’ leader but a happier person.
My value promise to you:
Throughout the course, you will get an insight into your leadership style and awareness about what limits your superpowers. You will get to practice in small groups, ask questions and share your views in order to enhance your learning. Myself and other participants will share their knowledge and experience, listen to you, and challenge you while supporting you during the course.
Please know that your learning is your responsibility. Completing your weekly assignments, sharing your views, listening to others and being fully engaged during the course will enhance your experience and open new ways of thinking. It is up to you to walk that path, do the work and unlock your superpowers.
What previous participants said about the course:

Online course “Unlock Leadership Superpowers” is highly recommended for anyone keen on personal development. The seven sessions each provides great learnings that are easy to apply in personal and business contexts. Ivana is an excellent coach, and has an ability to provide valuable insight into human behavior. The course has helped me gain confidence in everyday interactions at work, and has certainly unlocked some of my superpowers.

– D.T.A, Communication Manager, Sweden

Although I do not directly manage people, the beauty is that this course helped me tremendously to be more inspiring and efficient with my virtual team. You get to apply all the learnings into your personal life, as well, and that is extremely valuable. Learning how to be more self-aware and listening to understand were my key takeaways and are powerful habits I keep practicing.

– A.B., Global Business Development Manager

During the seven weeks I got to work with people from all over the world and it’s interesting to see that we all have similar challenges. The practical approach means that the course is not based on theory but we get to test things ourselves, we try it and then we share our experiences. Listening to other participants helps to open your mind to other possibilities.

– M.C., Internal Communications Manager, London, the UK

“I have learnt some great tools that I can use at work and my personal life”

“Each weekly topic was in perfect correlation with what was actually happening in my life at my workplace.”

“It was great having the chance to speak to other attendees on a one to one basis and great that they were always a different one. Shame i didn’t get to speak to all though.”


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