Online Course - next course start date: 14 April 2020

Unlock Leadership Superpowers

Online Course - next course start date: 14 April 2020

Unlock Leadership Superpowers

by Ivana Bozicevic

Unlock Your Leadership Superpowers and get better at leading yourself, your team and your organisation.

Start date: 14 April 2020

​The content of this course came from more than 500 hours of one-on-one and group coaching, working with clients in finance, human resources, production, hospitality, sales and marketing/PR areas as well as small business owners. Thus far, the participants reported that the learning throughout this course brought them calmer behaviour, the ability to connect and better understand people at all levels of their organisations, the capacity to stay passionate about their goals while taking into account the opinions of others, the capability to support their teams while giving them more space to learn, greater balance in life, and much more.

It all came together in July 2016 when one of my one-to-one coaching clients, CEO of a production facility, enthusiastically exclaimed: ‘It feels like a superpower!’, as he was sharing how he managed to hold different perspectives during a demanding meeting and stayed calm in the face of conflict. His reaction inspired me to put together an online group course

for all of you who would like to unlock your leadership superpowers and get better at leading yourself, your team and your organisation.

Since then, over a number of courses, participants from New Zealand, The UK, Australia, Greece, Sweden, the US, Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Croatia, Germany and Slovenia joined in to learn together. Are you next?

I have been working as a leadership coach for 6 years and before that, spent 15 years in diverse leadership roles, mostly in corporate sector (please click through the menu on the top of  to find out more about my background and my work).

What I am offering in this course is what I strongly believe will make you a better leader and a happier person.

Join us!

Registration is now open for the next course starting on 14 April 2020. Registration form is available at the bottom or this page.

‘Unlock Leadership Superpowers’ online group courses attracts people from around the world. Some of them continued with one-to-one coaching, some joined online leadership coaching group and all of them were happy to share their thoughts about the course.

Here is some of their feedback:

  • In terms of how valuable the course was for their leadership development, 80% answered extremely valuable and 20% very valuable
  • All of them found course topics covered extremely valuable or very valuable
  • All of them found working in breakout rooms very helpful
  • 80% stated that the course was excellent and 20% found it very good
  • 100% would recommend the course to a colleague or a friend



Seeing multiple perspectives gives you more choice, ideas and options in decision making and people management

Recognise your conflict style and stay present through the difference in opinion

Types of power in leadership, their influence on your team and limitations of playing power games

Slowing down and taking time to think allows for all your capacities to engage and make you more successful

Emotions and intuition play a great part in connecting to your peers, customers, teams and bosses

Listen to feedback so it brings you the most value and give feedback so it benefits the person receiving it









7 group sessions over 7 weeks, starting from 14 April 2020.


  • 6pm New Zealand Time – NZT
  • 8am Central European Time – CET
  • 7am Greenwich Mean Time – GMT

Session duration: 70 minutes

  • 6pm NZT
  • 8am CET
  • 7am GMT

Session duration: 70 minutes

  • 6pm NZT
  • 8am CET
  • 7am GMT

Session duration: 70 minutes

  • 6pm NZT
  • 8am CET
  • 7am GMT

Session duration: 70 minutes

  • 6pm NZT
  • 8am CET
  • 7am GMT

Session duration: 70 minutes

  • 6pm NZT
  • 8am CET
  • 7am GMT

Session duration: 70 minutes

  • 6pm NZT
  • 8am CET
  • 7am GMT

Session duration: 70 minutes

Please note that due to confidentiality reasons, the recordings of the sessions will not be available. Please ensure that the timings of the sessions work for you.



Connecting online:

  • Connect through an easy to use virtual video meeting platform
  • Learn from the comfort of your office or home
  • Breakout rooms offer the opportunity share and get to know other participants
team coaching

Each session will include:

  • Summary from the previous session/welcome to the group at the first session
  • ​Topic introduction
  • Working in smaller groups
  • Sharing with the group
  • ​Questions and answers

Post-session work will include:

  • Homework to practice your superpowers and deepen your learning
  • Interaction, sharing and connecting with everyone through a closed Facebook group
  • Direct e-mail communication

My value promise to you is:

Throughout the course, you will get an insight into your leadership style and awareness about what limits your superpowers. You will get to practice in small groups, ask questions and share your views in order to enhance your learning. I will share my knowledge and experience, listen to you, and challenge you while supporting you during the course.

Please know that your learning is your responsibility. Doing the homework, sharing your views, listening to others and being fully engaged during the course will enhance your experience and open new ways of thinking. It is up to you to walk that path, do the work and unlock your superpowers.

Online course “Unlock Leadership Superpowers” is highly recommended for anyone keen on personal development. The seven sessions each provides great learnings that are easy to apply in personal and business contexts. Ivana is an excellent coach, and has an ability to provide valuable insight into human behavior. The course has helped me gain confidence in everyday interactions at work, and has certainly unlocked some of my superpowers.

– D.T.A, Communication Manager, Sweden

This online course came to me at the perfect time as I was starting a new job and moving to a new town. The changes I was going through were happening fast and were somewhat overwhelming. Participating at this course has helped me to look at this new situation through multiple and new perspectives. That brought me self-confidence, understanding of self and the new environment and peace of mind. I highly recommend it.

– M.M., Retail Director, Croatia

During the seven weeks I got to work with people from all over the world and it’s interesting to see that we all have similar challenges. The practical approach means that the course is not based on theory but we get to test things ourselves, we try it and then we share our experiences. Listening to other participants helps to open your mind to other possibilities.

– M.C., Internal Communications Manager, London, the UK

“I have learnt some great tools that I can use at work and my personal life”

“Each weekly topic was in perfect correlation with what was actually happening in my life at my workplace.”

“It was great having the chance to speak to other attendees on a one to one basis and great that they were always a different one. Shame i didn’t get to speak to all though.”




This is the 9th Unlock Leadership Superpowers course and the usual fee is 295 EUR (495 NZD). If you can afford it, please pay that amount. If you cannot, this course is open to “Pay as You Want” fee.

The course is open to a maximum of 20 participants. To secure your attendance, please register as soon as you can. The registrations will close on 7 April 2020. 

You will be considered registered once your receive the response to your submitted form below.


  1. Check that dates and timings of the sessions work for you
  2. Fill in the registration form below and click send
  3. Payment will be collected via money transfer, you will receive all the details upon completing the form below

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Ivana is an experienced leadership coach passionate about developing big-hearted leaders. During her corporate career, she worked in London for PricewaterhouseCoopers and British Airports Authority and throughout Central and Southeast Europe for Colliers and GTC (based in her native Croatia). Today she lives in Queenstown, New Zealand with her partner, and is keen on assisting leaders to grow and engage all of their capacities in their professional and personal lives. She still works with her clients in Europe, while she is expanding her business worldwide. Ivana received her coaching training from CTI in London.