Introduction to the webinar ‘Unlock Leadership Superpowers’

by Ivana Bozicevic

Introduction to the webinar ‘Unlock Leadership Superpowers’

by Ivana Bozicevic

by Ivana Bozicevic

There is an impressive number of articles, books and posts on leadership and I am sure you have come across many of them. However, knowing the path is not the same as walking the path.

Before becoming a leadership coach 3 years ago, I spend 15 years in diverse leadership roles. Here is what I hear from my clients and remember to be true of my own experience:
Expectations are high.
Challenges are aplenty.
The way we need to react is rarely straightforward.
Everything we need to do is sometimes overwhelming.
It seems it takes a superhuman to manage it all.
Still, you are managing it, you are succeeding and moving forward.
Nevertheless, more often than not we don’t feel like being at the top of our game, no matter how capable, intelligent, experienced and dedicated we are.

I know I failed and, then, through professional and personal development, learned valuable leadership lessons.

When, more than 10 years ago, I wanted to protect my team from corporate games but actually only made them feel inadequate and untrustworthy.
Then I learned how to engage all my capacities of thought, emotion and intuition to see others as resourceful and capable professionals.

When I thought that as a leader, I needed to have all the answers and that my opinion counted in the end, because, you know, I was the boss.
Then I started to look at different perspectives and encouraged each of my team members to stand strong on their own. It was rewarding to watch their growth as professionals and individuals.

When I would give feedback, being more focused on what needed to be said than how it was comprehended by the person receiving it.
Then I learned that there is a time and place for everything. That if I truly cared (and I did!), I was the one who needed to communicate in a way so the other person would actually benefit from it.

When I thought that the more I worked, the busier I got, the more I would manage to achieve. Of course, burn out followed.
Then I started to slow down and put healthy boundaries in place – to my amazement, it made me more successful.

When I would get entangled in power games without any awareness that the game was at play.
Then I learned to notice the game and chose to stay present and true to my values. Most of the conflict just faded away.

When I thought I always needed to be perfect role model, strong, never tired, never upset, never saying – I can’t!
This was before knowing that humanness and authenticity attracts support and allows others to show up. It is then, that we perform at our best.

Sounds familiar?

Nowadays I work with leaders at all levels of an organisation and am passionate in assisting them on their journey to be the best they can be.

A few months ago, one of my one-on-one clients enthusiastically exclaimed: “It feels like a superpower!”, when he managed to hold different perspectives during a demanding meeting and stayed calm in the face of conflict.

This prompted me to put together a program:

Unlock Leadership Superpowers is a 7-week group webinar, that includes one 70-minute session per week. We will look at the 7 most important topics that came from more than 300 hours of one-on-one and group coaching, working with finance, HR, production and sales/marketing directors, small business owners and real estate professionals.

More on the program, registration and early bird discount will follow soon for all subscribers, so watch this space!