Develop all of your leadership capacities

One-on-one Coaching

Develop all of your leadership capacities

One-on-one Coaching

by Ivana Bozicevic

You are here because you either:

  • feel stuck and want to find a way to elevate your leadership, or
  • are doing great and need support to get even better at it.

You deeply care about your team, your organisation and your personal development.

Client and coach have a special relationship that is rooted in trust and commitment. Each coaching process is designed together by you and I, with an aim to take you on a path of learning and self discovery in order to lead fulfilling professional and personal lives.

When working in organisations, human resources department and a sponsor, usually the person to whom a client reports, are involved from the start. Regular review sessions are arranged to monitor progress and reassess coaching goals and focus.

After agreeing to work together, the commitment for one-on-one coaching is for a minimum of 20 sessions (10 months, as sessions occur every 2 weeks). Different arrangements can be made, depending on your circumstances. Usually each coaching session lasts between 45 and 60 minutes.

Coaching sessions are done in person or through online platform.
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Being coached by Ivana showed me not only how to (re) discover and revive my own power and strength during difficult times but also how to be honest to myself first of all.