Case Study

Stepping up as a leader

Case Study

Stepping up as a leader

by Ivana Bozicevic

When a head of production got promoted, leadership coaching brought him more value than he thought possible and a welcome support

Today, Steve is a CEO of the production facility for a large FMCG company present on 15 markets. In his words: ’When I started to work with Ivana I was not convinced I needed coaching or any leadership education. However, after just a few sessions I recognised the value it brought me.’

Coaching was recommended to him as a support during the transition from the head of production to a director of the newly-opened factory. His boss, who was being promoted internally and whose shoes Steve was expected to fill, was highly regarded and 15 years his senior. Steve was ready for a challenge and aware of the complexities of his new role. He cared deeply about his team, achieving production and profitability results, and doing it all while staying true to his values of respect, inclusion and teamwork.

Throughout the 18 months of coaching we have covered numerous topics, including:

  • how to develop an ability to see multiple perspectives – once Steve shifted from the perspective of seeing networking as self-promotion and bragging, to seeing it as a tool to ensure his team is recognised for its efforts and results, he started to connect to his peers and wider team in other markets.
  • making tough decisions – like many leaders, in order to step up, Steve needed to transition from the desire to be liked to having the courage to make tough decisions that, in the end, bring value to the team and the company.
  • handling difficult personalities – sooner or later, we all encounter peers, bosses or team members whose personalities and way of working are difficult for us to accept and understand. There is a desire to ignore it, fight it or just remove ourselves from the situation. Through coaching, Steve got support and tools to step towards those people with curiosity, understanding and empathy while staying true to his values, setting clear boundaries and remaining focused on his goals.
  • work-life balance – in order to stay motivated and focused, Steve realised early on that he would have to put an effort into maintaining a balance between work, his family and dear ones and his health. We worked together on setting priorities for his personal life as high as those at work. It continues to be a balancing act for Steve, which he sees as paramount to staying happy and energised.

Here is Steve’s testimonial:

“I am sure I would not be where I am at today professionally without coaching and the patience and support I received from my coach. Coaching helped me discover some of my behaviours which were driving my lack of self-confidence. It helped me develop new approaches and I become more aware of multiple perspectives that were helpful in sorting out complex and conflict situations. I also discovered patterns that were hindering my development.

After coaching sessions, I could see my confidence grow and I became much better listener than I have ever been. With all this professional and personal development, I have not lost my personality and my uniqueness, moreover I feel that they are now more highlighted throughout everyday work.

It was a privilege and an honour to work with Ivana. She was devoted to taking the time to understand my thoughts and feelings.

Ivana is incredibly patient coach with very valuable experience in the corporate world and, most importantly, she is great and reliable person. She navigated me through very intensive and turbulent period of my life. Trust me, she always had right question for all my situations and left me speechless with very creative homework, which we analysed often. She also introduced me to the concepts of being grounded throughout the several techniques which I am now using on daily basis.

I highly recommend Ivana as a coach if you are looking for leadership development. “