Explore, challenge, grow

Leadership coaching

Become better at leading yourself, your team and your organisation.

Explore, challenge, grow

Leadership coaching

Become better at leading yourself, your team and your organisation.

by Ivana Bozicevic

Coaching process is designed together by the client and the coach and although they may differ greatly, all of them aim to take the client on a path of learning and self discovery in order to lead fulfilling professional and personal lives.

group coaching_rowing

Benefit from learning in a group setting.

Group coaching brings multiple perspectives, deepens the learning and offers support. The prerequisite to joining the group coaching is the attendance at “Unlock Leadership Superpowers” course.

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Workshops and talks, with carefully designed topics and learning path, are useful in raising awareness and inspiring development.

Awareness is the first step towards becoming a better leader.

More and more leaders are engaging with coaches in other to get support with professional and personal development. Leadership coaching is about becoming better at leading yourself, your team and your organisation through learning how to: use different perspectives to change known paradigms, slow down to be more successful, manage conflict situations, understand power roles and power games, develop empathy, hear and give feedback, become aware of your impact, stay present and true to your values, communicate with clarity and intention and much, much more.

Through powerful questions, encouragement and championing from your coach, you can discover capacity and drive that are much bigger than you thought.

Here are real clients’ case studies. Names have been changed to protect privacy:

Stepping up as a leader2

When a head of production got promoted, leadership coaching brought him more value than he thought possible and a welcome support.

Fist to fist 2

How coaching helped a sales director become better at managing conflict and achieving balance.

Setting boundaries_3

Slowing down and setting boundaries makes us more successful in the long run. Coaching helps us remove barriers we put in front of ourselves.

Not working

Coaching always makes an impact but sometimes in doesn’t work towards agreed goals. Find out when coaching definitely will not work.

What I liked the most about Ivana is her passion for her work and the obvious care she has for her clients. She listens, pays attention to who you are as an individual, and accommodates her coaching to fit your specific needs. Combining her professional skills, wide expertise in people development area and her corporate experience, she managed to influence deeply different levels of management.

– Z.VP., Human Resources business partner, Zagreb, Croatia