About Big-hearted Leaders

And Ivana, your coach.


About Big-hearted Leaders

And Ivana, your coach.


by Ivana Bozicevic

Big-hearted leaders engage their hearts, together with their cognitive abilities, knowledge and intuition. I work with leaders who deeply care about their teams, their organisations and their personal development.

Now more than ever, or as ever, we need big-hearted and open-minded leaders.

The kind and generous ones. The inclusive and curious ones. The ones that have strength to stand tall in the storm and know that it is the storm inside us that needs taking care of.
The ones that will open their hearts and try to understand others even when others don’t want to understand them. Those who will know that a difference in opinion can bring a positive outcome. Those who treat others with respect even when they don’t feel respected. Those who know that sometimes patience is as important as determination.



Ivana’s career includes 5 years in a non-profit organisation and 15 years of corporate work that took her from London back to her native Croatia and then Sofia, Bulgaria and across Central and South East Europe.

She has spent 10 years in diverse leadership positions and lead teams up to 20 people.

She worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers in London, British Airports Authority in London, Colliers in Croatia and SEE, GTC in Croatia and CEE and SEE.

Ivana is a Professional Certified Coach accredited by International Coaching Federation. She received her coaching training from Coaches Training Institute in London. CTI® has trained over 55,000 coaches and has also trained employees in more than half of the Fortune 100 companies. CTI’s Co-Active Coach® Training Program is widely recognized as the most rigorous coach training in the industry. 

She is a trained trainer and facilitator and delivers coaching, facilitation and training in both English and Croatian languages.

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Ivana’s past corporate work includes organisational effectiveness, internal communication, business development and corporate real estate negotiation roles.

After 15 years in the corporate world, and completing one of the most challenging projects in her career, she left her job in order to take a break, travel the world and discover a new path for herself.

During her travels, once again she realised how similar we all are, no matter where we come from and what we do. Deep down, we all want to show our uniqueness and we want the world to notice. 

Training to be a coach felt like a natural step and has proved to be the right one. Her coaching combines learning from her multicultural exposure through her work and traveling, leadership positions and personal development training.

Originally from Croatia, she now lives in Queenstown, New Zealand with her partner, and is keen on assisting leaders to grow and engage all of their capacities in their professional and personal lives.

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– M.A. in Business, major in Finance from University of Zagreb, Croatia

– School for Personal and Professional Development, Croatia (attendee 2005-2007 and assistant/mentor 2012 – 2016)

– Trained Co-Active Coach by CTI London (2012-2013), the oldest and largest in-person coach training in the world; ICF accredited program

– Coaching from Source (16.5 CCEUs) by Coaches Rising

– In This Together – Communication wisdom for the world of work by Diane Musho Hamilton

– Art of Developmental Coaching (7.5 CCEUs) and Power of Embodied Transformation (5 CCEUs), both by Coaches Rising

– The Next Stage Integral Facilitator Training (23.5 CCEUs), by Ten Directions

– Training in the Art of Participatory Leadership

– Leadership in Action, vol 1, London, by Pete Hamill and Strozzi Institute

– Impact and influencing skills and Winning presentation training with PricewaterhouseCoopers in London

– International Coaching Federation member

Ivana is a coach full of passion. She doesn’t hold back and is brave enough to call you out when she finds that she needs to. Her energy and honesty is inspiring and she embodies her love of life, people, and coaching with so much energy and vitality. Ivana has a special way of connecting to you as a client and sees what is unique and special about you, and brings that forward. I still remember what she saw in me and it has been valuable feedback that I continue to reflect and use as a platform for my own development.

T.M, fellow CTI trained coach, London, the UK